Byron McFarland

Financial Representative

 Planning For Owner's Inevitable Business Exit

Byron and his team design comprehensive transition plans that operate on one fundamental principle: the owner(s) maintain control until each of their objectives are achieved including, and especially, financial security. 

Creating an Exit Plan using Byron and his team provides business owners with the opportunity to clarify their vision for their company’s future. Clarity that includes identifying who they would like to have buy their company, what needs to happen to prepare the buyer(s) and their company for the transition of ownership, as well as identifying the owner’s personal financial and lifestyle objectives.  

In our experience, most owners like to sell to buyers who already have a vested interest in the successful future of their business: key employees and/or family members.  Often these individuals do not have all of the skilla nor financial resources to step immediately into the owner’s role. Therefore, the best exit strategies are planned well before the owner(s) are ready to let go of the reigns on their company's daily operations.

Owners also like having contingency plans.  Here is our guarantee: if for some reason the sale to insiders does not work, your company will be well positioned for the sale to an outside buyer.


Owner’s financial security separate from their business

It is not uncommon for owners to make at least one of the following assumptions that directly impact their future financial security by:

Overestimating the value, sale proceeds and growth rate of their company.

Underestimating their life expectancies, the taxes they'll pay upon transfer and/or the amount of money they'll need to live comfortably after the sale. 

It is our commitment to provide you with the most complete picture possible of where you are today, what will need to happen to plan for your successful and inevitable exit from your business and to collaborate with your team of professional advisors to fulfil your vision for your company!

If you dream it, we’ll help you live it.

Let’s make this the year we turn your dreams into plans. Get started.

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