Byron McFarland

Financial Representative



Exit, Succession and Contingency Planning

Byron McFarland is one of a select group of Representatives who specializes in working exclusively with the owners of privately owned businesses. In 2004, he was the first in Nebraska to be appointed as a Business and Estate Planning Advisor.  Byron and his team offer over fourty years of combined expertise to business owners

Our goal is to provide you, the business owner, with independent, objective and strategic guidance that meets your fiancial goals, maximizes your business’s value and provides for the successful transfer to the next generation of owners. In short, we put you in control of your exit strategy. 

We will work with your other professional advisers or, if necessary, we utilize our network of professionals who are well versed in mergers and acquisitions, private equity groups, ESOP strategies, as well tax attorneys and accountants.

Associations and Memberships

Exit Planning

Owners understand how to run their business, few have ever exited one. It can be a complicated process and there is only one chance to get it right. Our role is to get you through this vulnerable process.

An Exit Plan is a series of decisions and actions that will help convert business value into personal financial independence for the owner(s) and/or their family. A well thought out Exit Plan is based on the owner's objectives and vision for their company, employees and loved ones.  It is designed to be flexible enough to adapt to changing economic, business and personal circumstances. 

Without a Exit Plan, it can mean selling a company for significantly less than its optimum value or, worse yet, liquidation.

The benefits of a well thought out Exit Plan:

  • Maximize business value

  • Create an “intentional” legacy

  • Optimal tax planning

  • Control how and when you leave

  • Provide a written plan to follow and measure

  • Allow employee succession 

  • Transition harmony

Succession Planning

Succession planning is the transfer of management and leadership from one generation to the next generation in a company. It is a ongoing process of identifying and developing associates to prepare them for advancement through training, mentoring, and stretching their responsibilities. This process of education and development in order give the candidates an opportunity to understand the company’s systems and culture with a focus of growing their leadership capacity and creating ownership skills. A company’s true asset is their “human” capital and it takes time to develop associates into managers and the life experience needed to mature into leaders.

Contingency or Business Continuity Plan

Business Continuity Plans are designed to be the foundation for preserving and protecting the business, the business partners and the owner’s families. can provide legal and/or financial protection in the event of any combination of the Six D’s: Disability, Death, Departure, Dispute, Divorce or Declaration of Bankruptcy. It is a key component of a comprehensive Exit Plan. 




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